Athlete Spotlight: Connor Kirkwood

Photo courtesy of Scranton Athletics.
CONNOR KIRKWOOD sheds a defender in a 10-4 win over King’s College March 8. The first-year player scored six goals in two games, earning The University’s Athlete of the Week honors.

Luke Kropp

Sports Co-Editor

 Connor Kirkwood is enjoying a successful first year on The University’s men’s lacrosse team.

The first-year attackman leads the Royals in goals with 17 through the first seven games of the season. Kirkwood also led the team with six goals in two games last week, earning him The University’s Athlete of the Week honors.

Kirkwood scored three goals in an 11-5 win at Marywood University on Thursday and added three more during an 8-4 victory over Landmark Conference foe Goucher College on Saturday.

The men’s lacrosse team (5-2) takes on Catholic University in Washington, D.C. on Saturday at 1 p.m.

Q: How did you get into playing lacrosse?

A: My father actually played when he was in high school and in college. He attended here as well. He’s been playing and so has his brother so I was just kind of born into it and have been playing since I was I think in second grade and haven’t stopped.

Q: Who’s been your biggest supporter?

A: I would say my father. He always comes to my games and we have long talks after about what I did right and what I did wrong. He’s always out there cheering me on.

Q: Do you have any pregame rituals?

A: I usually like to re-tape my stick. I like a fresh tape job on my sticks. I usually just listen to music like an hour before I get out there.

Q: What do you hope to accomplish going forward?

A: Well just for this season we’re looking to win the Landmark Conference. That’s kind of our biggest goal this year and every year. Just to go far in the tournament and do the best our team can do.

Q: What’s it like leading the team in goals through the first six games?

A: It’s something I’m proud of and something I hope I can continue to accomplish, scoring more goals and maybe even finish the season with the most goals.

Q: What do you hope to improve on?

A: I hope to improve on getting other teammates involved as well. I have a lot of goals but not a lot of assists. I would like to get more assists in my stats.

Q: Do you have any plans after college?

A: Right now I’m an economics major, but that probably will change. I hope to do something in the business field, maybe around finance.

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