Why The Aquinas is now online only

Dear University community,

As society has progressed, print newspapers’ readership has continued to decline. The Aquinas is no exception, and our staff is cognizant of the way society is trending. In an effort to evolve and meet the needs of our target demographic, we have decided to redesign, rebuild and revamp The Aquinas by making it an online-only publication.

By doing this, we have the opportunity to break news, reach new audiences and enhance the experience of our current one. Essentially, we are making a concerted attempt to be innovative and fresh. While this news may dissatisfy some members of our audience, we truly believe this is best for the future of The Aquinas.

We are tremendously excited about the change.


Ad majorem Dei gloriam,

The Aquinas Editorial Staff


  • Rob McKeage says:

    Wish you all the best

  • Peter says:

    This will only decrease readership. Sad.

  • fake_internet_name says:

    Yeah let’s mix legitimate news into the place where people go to send nudes and share memes. Aquinas feels more like some idiot’s dumb blog rather than a serious publication. Aquinas you have demoted yourself.

  • Paul Cooper says:

    This is an idiotic idea. There are many alumni like myself who use the library for research and/or stop on campus to read a hard copy to catch up on news. Plus, the Internet link doesn’t work half the time, or news is two or three weeks late in being posted. Are you going to imput all the alumni addresses into your system to send out information?? Time to reconsider this decision.

    Paul J. Cooper
    Class of ’82

  • Timothy McCormick says:

    As a former Managing Editor of The Aquinas, I applaud the steps you’ve taken to maintain the relevancy of the student newspaper. I was part of a team that attempted to create a digital brand, but the print weekly limited our capabilities while preventing the immediate release of many breaking stories. While anonymous online detractors may not support your decision, you’ve made a wise choice that I am sure was taken after great debate and deliberation. I applaud your leadership.

  • Jonathan says:

    Readership will decline. The administration feels it’s important to spend thousands of dollars on useless stonework outside of the library, or the stone and flagpoles this past academic year, or the millions it took to tear down the old LSC, or the money spent on the Middle States Study, or the money spent on the advising group to find a new president, but it does not feel it’s important to give The Aquinas funding to print on paper.

    Hopefully, with this new university president, he’ll be concerned about what is good for the students, and not useless crap that serves no useful function.

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