Graduation day: A bitter sweet feeling

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Caitlin Peason

Graduation ─ it is the last milestone you have in your college experience. Everything you have been working toward for the past four years have been leading up to this moment. Once you receive your diploma, you are free to experience the world on your own as a full member of society. Finally you are able to move on with your life and your days as a college student have come to an end.

However, looking at this joyous event from the perspective of a junior who has a year left, it is a sad event in my eyes. Graduation day is the last day you may be able to see all of your senior friends and have crazy experiences with them. After they graduate you may realize that you are no longer going to be able to see them on a daily basis. This may come as a shock for many because if you and the seniors have been friends since you first attended the school, then you have been surrounded by them on a daily basis for the past three years. Now it is time for them to move on in life while you continue your last year here without them.

Realizing that some of your best friends are going to be gone within the next three months is a complete shock. As the days tick down you start to run through your mind all of the things you will now have to do without them. Things like late night fast food runs, going to Tuesday and Thursday night specials, cramming for exams with or even just texting them to hang out. These last three months are going to be the ones you cherish the most and will forever be in your memory.

However, if you are trying to find more ways to help ease the transition or are planning out when you are going to see them again, then there are options that you can take. If you are living on campus or even just want to stay for senior week and go to the commencement ceremony, then you can sign up to be a commencement ceremony volunteer. This will allow you permission to stay in your dorm, if you are living on campus, and help with the ceremony. I highly recommend this option if you are very close to your senior friends and want to celebrate their accomplishments together.

Other options you can take is planning with them the possibility of them coming to campus for Shamrockin’ Eve when you are a senior. Even if they were more than a year or two older than you, any alumni that graduated within the last 10 years can attend the event. This event was created for the exact reason that a group of seniors went to the Rev. Scott Pilarz, S.J., saying how they missed their friends who have graduated before them.

The main thing to understand is that even though your friends may be graduating this year and you will not be able to see them as much next year, there are still ways to stay in touch and keep them in your life. College is where you make your permanent friends, and these friendships are mostly going to be the ones that last in the end. As long as you stay in touch in some way shape or form, then your friendship will continue to thrive. Remember to make these last three months count, but just know that you will see them again in the future.

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