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FORMER UNIVERSITY President The Rev. Scott R. Pilarz, S.J., will return to Scranton to serve as the University’s president again. He formerly served as The University’s president from 2003-2011.

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The Rev. Scott Pilarz, former president of The University, will be returning to Scranton next fall to reclaim his position as president.

According to a press release sent out by The University on March 21, Pilarz will be returning to The University after serving as president of Georgetown Preparatory school in Washington D.C.

The decision was made after a national search that began in September. The search committee included various groups within The University, such as representatives from the staff, student body, alumni, administration, and various members of the Board of Trustees.

After the announcement ceremony March 21, Pilarz visited students that were representative of various clubs and activities on campus. He had an open conversation with students in the student forum. He addressed what has changed since he has left, what he needs to look out for on campus and what the students believe The University can contribute to others.

Junior Jannell Jeffers, went to the student meet up as a representative of the Orientation Assistant team. She believes that the students are lucky to have Pilarz back at Scranton and that his presidency will benefit the community.

“We are blessed to have Father Pilarz serving as president again,” Jeffers said. “I had the pleasure of meeting Father Pilarz after the announcement of his presidency. I just couldn’t believe the president of The University took time to meet students and hear out students on what matters the most to them at Scranton. His commitment and embodiment of the community was very evident as soon as he walked into the Student Forum.”

Others, who were representatives of the health professions organization, the Leahy Health and Family Center, and Campus Ministries, have faith that Pilarz will be beneficial to the student body, among them David Velez.

“I am really excited to see Father Pilarz come back to serve our University. I was told he was a very personal person, and that stands true when he met with student leaders on the day of his inauguration. He was concerned about me as a leader, and I am sure he will care for our student body,” Velez said.

Representatives of various sports teams were there as well. Junior Jenna Neyen of Women’s Crew also spoke about the positive thoughts she has heard about Pilarz and her hopes for the future of The University while he’s in charge.

When Neyen went on an International Service Program trip, the upperclassmen in her group talked about Pilarz as if he was someone famous she said.

“He also mentioned that he has never found the community that Scranton has anywhere else which I feel connects with his quote from the graduation ceremony a few years back where Scranton students ‘stay that close and grow even closer,’” Neyen said. “I cannot wait to see what he brings to campus as president.”

Pilarz is known through The University community as a strong leader. The energy around campus seemed to have been slightly higher than normal after the announcement was made, and it is safe to say that students from all around campus are excited to see what new things Pilarz will bring to The University.

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