Students celebrate Italian culture at Late-Night event

Submitted photo / Sarah Connelly
STUDENTS GATHER at Italian Night, which was a late-night program hosted by Residence Life Friday. Fresh food was provided, and other activities were available.

Ryan Disdier

Managing Editor

A myriad of University students attended the Italian Night late-night program, as Italian culture engulfed campus Friday night. The event took place on first floor of the DeNaples Center and began and 10 p.m.

Italian Night was a true, accurate celebration of Italian culture, which is something numerous students at The University take pride in. Residence Life hosted the event, which featured a bevy of Italian food. Students were able to sample pizza from local restaurants and vote for their favorite one, enjoy succulent Italian ice and even make their own cannolis.

Additionally, the Late-Night program featured Quizzo, except with a special Italian theme. Over 100 students attended the event and enjoyed the unique atmosphere.

Residence Life collaborated with the Italian Society to make the event such a successful one. The cross-pollination was certainly effective, as the event appeared to be a smash hit.

Senior resident assistant Matt Aitken said the food offered was a key part in the event’s success.

“It was pretty cool. There were a lot of people around, really long lines and people seemed to be engaging with each other,” Aitken said. “Students really liked being able to compare the different types of pizza. The cannolis and the Italian ice were also really big hits. I think the location was a great area because people could stop by and just see what was going on.”

Submitted photo / Rozie Zanardi
THE RESIDENCE Life region responsible for putting together Italian Night poses for a picture after the event.

Aitken also remarked that he thinks there is a good chance Residence Life runs the event again next year.

“It would be interesting to see if we could do it again,” Aitken said. “I think we would definitely have to do something to one-up this year’s a little bit so it’s still intriguing to the students. I definitely think people love free pizza, so any type of free food is always going to get people to show up.”

The positive sentiments Residence Life had regarding the late-night event were shared by members of the Italian Society. Kara Romanowski, the Italian Society’s secretary and treasurer, noted the event provided University students with a great chance to immerse themselves in Italian culture.

“I thought it was a really good experience to introduce more people on campus to our culture,” Romanowski said. “Collaborating with Res Life was an awesome experience, and it was great to show people that we (the Italian Society) actually exist as a club.”

“It was a great way to show them what we are all about, as well as what Italian culture is all about.”

Senior Annie Mapelli, who serves as the president of the Italian Society, echoed Romanowski’s assertions. Mapelli discussed how she and the Italian Society were able to work together with Residence Life.

“I was put into contact with Sarah Connelly through late night, and we worked together to sponsor the cannoli bar,” Mapelli said. “I think working together with Res Life turned out really well.”

Mapelli also said while the event occurred last year, this year’s event was superior.

“Yeah, this year was definitely better. We had done it last year as well, but on our own. There was an even bigger turnout by collaborating with res life.”

With the success of this year’s program, students can expect to see Italian Night return next year.

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