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BECAUSE OF a water main break, The University is functioning with a lack of water. The University has been forced to put water coolers in various spots of the DeNaples Center, as the water in the drinking fountains is unsafe to consume.

Lauren Gallagher and Kelly Ross

News Co-Editors

Because of a break in a 42-water main break reported by Pennsylvania American Water Company, many University buildings have been without water or have had dirty water since Saturday afternoon.

The water was restored at 11:45 a.m. Sunday, but some campus buildings continued to have dirty water Monday afternoon, as the system is being flushed out.

Students were told not to drink the water in their residence halls, and use the boil system if needed. Additionally, students had to use shower facilities in residence halls with water or the Long Center.

First-year nursing student Julie Weismiller said she used the shower facilities in the Long Center Saturday evening.

“I live in Nevils Hall, and because of the main break the water in the building was dirty and the pressure was low. I had to shower in the Long Center Saturday night,” Weismiller said.

The University has provided 10 portable restrooms outside of residence halls without water, as well as water stations throughout campus.

The dining hall on the third floor of the DeNaples Center has been serving food on plastic plates and providing plastic utensils, because dishes are unable to be cleaned. Starbucks has been closed since Saturday afternoon.

There is currently limited drinking water available on campus, including the gym which is without water. In Condron Hall were no water stations available, and the two vending machines were not operating Monday night.

Counseling student Tatiana DeFrance said this main break has helped her appreciate how often she uses water each day.

“Being without water on campus has been truly difficult,” DeFrance said. “You don’t realize how essential it is for your everyday life until it’s gone, I feel like we are taking it for granted.”

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