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Staff Writer

National Tax Day is celebrated and conducted on April 15 every year in the United States of America. For perhaps the first time in decades, this year’s Tax Day will be met with many protests and marches. The reason for protesting is for Donald Trump to release more of his tax returns to the American public.

For almost the last half-century every single president that has been elected has released their full tax returns. Donald Trump has only released his 2005 tax returns, which revealed that he paid $38 million in income tax. Many don’t consider this enough, and only a small piece of what Donald Trump owes the public.

In approximately 40 states and Washington D.C., there are over 130 scheduled marches and protests on April 15. Scranton is one of the cities in Pennsylvania that is having a march alongside many others. Some of the bigger march venues like New York City, Philadelphia and Washington D.C. are expecting hundreds and thousands of protesters. There are also smaller ones scheduled in towns in states like Wyoming that are hoping for a hundred protesters. The march in Scranton expects to attract a few thousand people and will be centralized in the downtown area. Obviously some Scranton students may join the march.

“I think people should stop protesting and marching about stuff like this. He is our president and we should move on and accept it,” said first-year, Jack Cusat from Tinton Falls, New Jersey.

University students’ opinions of Trump vary, just as it does across the nation’s campuses.

Like stated before, the goal of this march is to pressure Trump to release his full tax reports. This is becoming a large issue, gaining over a million signatures in an online petition on the White House’s website. The organizers for this march want it to resemble the women’s march that took place in January, the largest one occurring in Washington D.C.

In these most interesting times of our nation, as college students we must ask ourselves many questions. Does Trump have the right to protect his tax reports since no other president before this has had such a complex and substantial business success? Is it right to keep protesting and marching against the various things people find wrong with Trump? Our nation is at an extremely interesting crossroad, and it seems like people are having to choose a “side” like no other time before this. We must ask ourselves these questions as Americans and make up our own minds on what we think is right.

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