Student: University musical performance choice? Not the best

Brian Clifford

Staff Writer

As the weeks wind down on another school year, the arrival of the month of May is always a reminder that The University’s annual Spring Fest is right around the corner. Spring Fest is usually always held the first weekend of May, right before the dreaded “Dead Week,” which preludes “Finals Week.” It is a great way to celebrate the unfortunate ending of another school year.

At Springest, there were inflatables present for people to use and mess around with and a Battle of the Bands for the local University bands on campus.

The main headliner for the night was SEEB. SEEB is the combined initials of the two Norwegian DJs that comprise the group, Simon Eriksrud and Espen Berg. Their remix of Mike Posner’s hit song “I Took A Pill in Ibiza” became a hit song in the last year, and could be heard blasting throughout the Hill Section when it first came out.

SEEB performed a year after The University has famous DJ duo White Panda for Springest 2016. Both groups are of medium popularity, and would be considered “C-List music stars.” It raises interesting questions in whether or not we as a University are truly getting the best music stars we can. With Providence College, a school smaller than ours and similar in background and northeastern location, was able to somehow get hit Hip-Hop duo Rae Srummund.

SEEB still put on a good show, because they are talented DJs.

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