Student questions gender bias in action movies

Staff Editor

Joan Crinnion

It is time to stop pretending that women do not like action movies and start casting them as leads. Action movies starting in 2015 have begun to draw almost as many women to the theaters as men. The shift started around 2012 with the release of the first Hunger Games film, which was arguably the first action franchise to draw more women than men. According to the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), women have made up a larger share of ticket sales since 2009. Jurassic World’s opening weekend audience was almost equal with 52 percent of the audience being male.


From the time that I was a kid to today, I have known that there was a misconception that action movies were the “boy’s movies” and that romantic comedies were “girl’s movies.” Action movies, however were always what appealed to me. I loved the idea of a hero fighting against the evil villain to save the day. As I got older I enjoyed these movies and television shows more and more. My parents did not always support this but let me watch “boy” movies or play video games meant for the “boy” demographic.


I am mentioning this to point out that of course more men on average do go to see action movies than women. Those hard number does not, however, take into consideration how much society has told women that these films are not meant for them. A large percentage of women have, however, ignored that message and just went to the movies anyway. These people who have stated that action movies are not meant for women likely increased the likelihood that women would not go to see these films where they did not feel welcomed or wanted.


As women continue to make up a greater share of film’s market, women need to demand a higher quality of content. Women will not go see films with female leads solely because they are the lead. Interesting stories and plots must be given to these films along with a female lead.

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