Meet the Candidates: Class of 2021 Student Senators

  • Jeff Colucci is a member of the University of Scranton Class of 2021 majoring in accounting with a minor in finance.  Jeff is from Mahwah, NJ and enjoys spending time and having fun with his family and friends.  In high school, he was an active member of the community through participation in clubs, volunteering, working and being an honor roll student.  He has a passion for business, finance and helping other people. He looks forward to being a spokesman for the Class of 2021 and representing the needs and wants of his class.  Those who know Jeff would describe him as hard-working, caring, considerate, friendly, unique and of course, fun.  If you want to get to know Jeff more, or have any questions, you may email him at  He looks forward to working with and for the people of Scranton.  Vote Jeff Colucci for Senate!


  • Michael Diehl is a forensic accounting major from Hopewell Junction New York. He is a member of SJLA and hopes to also major in Philosophy and minor in Spanish. Michael went to John Jay Senior High School where he served as the ambassador to Student Government for the National Honor Society. He also played varsity baseball and was a member of the Spanish and Business honor societies. Michael enjoys watching baseball, movies (especially Star Wars) and spending time with friends. If elected Michael plans to advocate for the improvement of residence hall lounges (more pool cues, pool tables, ping pong, ect), as well as any other problem the class of 2021 faces. Michael has experienced the joy that comes with working with and for his classmates to make his school a better place. He asks that the class of 2021 gives him the amazing opportunity to do this same work for the University of Scranton.



  • Poul is 18 years old and has been involved in student government for all of his high school career and hopesto be a part of it through college. He is a biology pre-med major with aspiration to become a cardiothoracic surgeon. He is originally from Ecuador and he hopes to work together will you all, through his various leadership positions throughout the years he believes he is qualified to be your class senator.






  • Alexander Badiu is running to be your first-year class senator. Student senators, are responsible for ensuring that all student voices and concerns are heard and addressed. Personally, Alex thinks that as student senator it is important to begin with a focus of communication. Attending a university with nearly 1,000 students in the class of 2021 anticipated graduating class, it would be callous and unreasonable of anyone to say that they can predict what every constituent of the class would want to see changed or added at Scranton. Hence, why periodic surveys and newsletters are necessary as the first step, that Alex would like to enact if elected to office. Having gone to a high school with nearly 6,000 students, Alex has had an extensive experience with the class size that Scranton embraces. In addition, he was elected class president for 3 years and student body president in his last year during high school. It is clear he has an invaluable familiarity with student government. Alex has an excellent ground of experience to begin working with all of you to make Scranton the ideal campus, for everyone!


  • Alex DeRosa is a mature, energetic first-year student here at the University of Scranton. His background in peer leadership programs, mentoring children with special needs, membership in two national honor societies and coaching youth recreation sports programs have given him the experience and personal traits needed to successfully lead groups of all ages toward a common goal. DeRosa’s three years as a high school varsity baseball player, which culminated in a team state sectional title, exemplifies his strong work ethic, dedication and teamwork necessary to achieve group and personal goals. These leadership qualities will serve him well in representing The Class of 2021 in the University Senate. Alex also possesses exceptional interpersonal and communication skills which will enable him to confidently and effectively work with every member of the Scranton community – students as well as faculty. DeRosa will take the time to get the job done, and done right. He wants The Class of 2021 to be well represented in Scranton student government and will devote his time to improving the quality of campus life and ensuring the success of the Freshman class.Alex DeRosa. Your Voice, Your Choice.


First-year students, check your e-mail with the link to vote this Thursday, September 7! Best of luck to the candidates.