Havoc and Hilarity in the Hills

Brian Clifford
Staff Writer

Another school year is here in picturesque Scranton, PA. The University has welcomed their class of 2021. The weather is still warm, for now, and students in the Hill Section have been showing their enthusiasm since their arrivals in August.

As a resident of the Hill Section myself, I have seen this enthusiasm first-hand. I think it is normal that certain college kids will always be partying and there will be underage drinking and loud music some nights and some days. It almost seems like there was a silent agreement or a low key unwritten social contract that if people kept themselves somewhat controlled, nothing would really happen. There was always the idea that Scranton police had “bigger fish to fry,” and had more important crimes to solve. At the annual “midsummers” party cops shut down Clay Avenue as the crowds grew bigger. The littering of the weekend was broadcasted all over local news.

Recently local residents of the Hill Section have had enough of the partying and met with local police to discuss it. They claimed loud music, fireworks and students using the restroom and doing drugs in their backyard is their main concern. This kind of stuff does happen and maybe some might not think it is a big deal, but local residents and police are fed up and are showing it. Police have increased their crackdown on parties for the time being.

Police are doing their jobs responding to the wishes of Hill Section locals but questions still should be asked. Should some of these residents and police just let “kids be kid”? This kind of serious police reinforcement may only cause more tension with police and students in an already stressed time for the police in this country.

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