Photo courtesy of Abigail Corrigan
FIRST-YEAR student Abigail Corrigan dashes toward the finish line ahead of her competition.

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First-year women’s cross country runner, Abigail Corrigan, pulled out the first win of her college career on September 9. Corrigan ran for first place in the Ron Stonitsch Invitational, at Vassar College.

This was an outstanding feat for the new Royal, and earned her this week’s title of University of Scranton Athlete of the Week.

Corrigan finished the 5,000-meter run with an overall time of 19:04.4.

A business administration major, Corrigan also aided the women’s cross country team in a third place title in their opening 2017 event, the Misericordia Invitational. Corrigan came in second overall, finishing the 4,000-meter course in 15:18.3.

Corrigan is not new to the idea of success, however. At Holy Cross high school she was awarded all-league honors in 2016 and 2017. She also was named the PIAA District 2 champion in the 1600-meters competition as a senior and helped the Holy Cross cross country team on their journey to the PIAA state championship in 2013.

The Royals are on the road again Saturday, September 16, for the Cougar Classic at Misericordia University (Dallas, PA).

Q: How did it feel wining the Ron Stonitsch Invitational this weekend?
I never really won a cross country meet before so it was kind of exciting. I felt like I really accomplished something and I was happy because not only did I feel pride in myself but I felt like the team was really proud of me. It’s nice coming in as a freshman and being able to accomplish something like that.

Q: There are a lot of different people, in all different grades, on your team. Since you’ve just started — do you like being on women’s cross country so far?
I love being on the team, they’re honestly some of the sweetest people I’ve ever met. They really helped me acclimate myself to the school and to the sport. It helps being able to know my best friends before I even started school.

Q: When did you start running cross country?
I started in seventh grade.

Q: Do you have a cross country role model or someone that you look up to in the sport?A: My favorite runner is a track star from Oregon named Alexi Pappas. She has a lot of inspirational quotes, like how she came back from injury and just like downfall, and how to be the most positive runner you can be, and that helps me a lot. She’s so positive.

Q: Who is your biggest supporter?
Definitely my mom and my dad. They made an effort to come to the meet, even though it was two hours away. I could see them cheering me on, so that really helps. Just seeing them after and seeing how proud they were of me, really helps me feel even more accomplished.

Q: Do you have any pre-run, pre-meet superstitions?
Yes. Well, I have to wear —I always have racing socks but I got new ones this year—but I always have to wear the same socks. I wear my hair the same way. There’s another girl on my team—her name is Abby also (Abigail Guziewicz)—and we kind of hug each other before the meet. We ran through high school together too, so that helps a lot that she’s there to support me and we know to push each other.

Q: What is your favorite type of pump up music? Do you listen to music before your meets?
Yes, my favorite band to listen to before meets is Young the Giant.

Q: What do you hope to accomplish this cross country season?

A: I hope to, especially, get closer with my team and I really hope that we can do well as a team in the conference together. I know that all these meets right now are important, but what is super important is the conference meets. So I really hope that we can pull together, get closer and do well there.

Q: Which meet do you think you’re looking forward to the most?

A: Definitely conferences, because we can see how we match up against all of the people that we really compete against. But I think that all of these meets, leading up to that, are going to help us the most when getting prepared for that.

Q: Do you have any specific long-term goals for the next four years running for the University of Scranton?
I definitely want to stay injury free and stay healthy. But also constantly improving my times and not be afraid to push myself.

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