Women’s golf produces early success


Photo Courtesy of Scranton Athletics. 
SENIOR JULIE Cranney helped the Royals to three early victories for the season with wins of her own.

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The University’s women’s golf team is off to a notable start in the 2017 fall season.

After completing four matches, the Royals have only fallen once to local rival Marywood University in a neck-and-neck thriller on Saturday afternoon.

The Royals look to bounce back and draw from the momentum they built in the first three matches when they tee off against Marywood University again on Sept. 14.

Senior Katie Allen, who is a major asset to the team, brought in several wins between last season and the start of this one. She noted that the Royals are eager to play and hope for success early on.

“I think we are planning on coming out really strong. This is our first year being a member of the Landmark Conference,” Allen said. “ Last year  was our first year as a team so we needed a transitionary year so we are going to be playing a couple of new teams that we haven’t seen before but so far we have come out pretty strong and we are hoping to keep that going.”

In their second season as a program, the Royals are still building team chemistry and discovering their strengths and weaknesses. However, they have gotten off to a remarkable start on the season, partially because of the number of returning players.

“I was so impressed with how well we came together last year being our first year, and now we have two new people on the team and I think that they’re getting along pretty well and we’re still meshing nicely,” Allen said.  “And it’s nice to have so many returners, but we’re building a strong foundation with new people.”

Although golf is often viewed as an individual sport, and it undeniably has key individual aspects to it, Allen stressed the importance of being a good teammate if you want to be successful.

“It is an individual sport because you’re playing for your own score and you’re playing against a single individual in every match. But I think we kind of make it a team sport in that we’ll cross over and see each other on different holes and encourage each other while we are out there,” Allen said. “So we definitely have the headspace of being aware of our teammates and being able to encourage them and want to know how they’re doing in their own matches while also focusing on our individual play.”

The Royals hope to continue their success from this early in the season through the remainder of the fall season, and then into the spring as well. Allen noted that it is only mandatory for the team to compete in six matches per year in order to meet NCAA guidelines, but the Royals choose to compete as often as they can.

As a senior, Allen has high hopes for the year, but above all is thankful for the chance to play on a collegiate level.

“I am eternally grateful that we got this program at all. I didn’t think that I was going to be a college athlete at any point, so the fact that we got the team and the Athletics’ department got it off the ground last year—I’m so happy that I even got these two years with it,” Allen said.

Allen and the fellow Royals tee off Thursday 1 p.m. against Marywood University at the Glenmaura National Golf Club in Moosic.


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