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JESSICA KAPLOWITZ readies herself to clear the ball down the field in a Sept. 16 game against Arcadia University. The Royals won the game 1-0.

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The University’s field hockey team has recorded an impeccable start to the season, going 7-0 with 23 goals scored against opponents.

Twenty three goals scored undoubtedly attests to the skill and ferociousness of the offense, but behind every good offense there is an even better defense. That is why senior defender Jessica Kaplowitz has been named this week’s University Athlete of the Week.

Kaplowitz has helped the Royals stop opponents from scoring no more than two goals in a game, and has helped lead the team to three shutout victories.

Kaplowitz and the Royals take the field next on Friday Sept. 23 at Moravian College.

Q: How does it feel to be named athlete of week?
A: It feels really awesome, especially because for a defensive player we usually don’t get as much recognition, so it feels good to have our hard work be in the spotlight for once.


Q: When did you start playing field hockey?
A: I started playing in sixth grade, so it’s been about 10 years.


Q: What has been your favorite field hockey memory in your years here?
A: I would say my sophomore year we went into double overtime with Muhlenburg College in our first game at home, and we won so that was pretty great.


Q: Who would you say is your biggest supporter?
A: My mom, definitely my mom. She shows up to a lot of my games and I can hear her in the stands and everything.


Q: Do you have any pregame superstitions?
A: I always listen to the same song, “Glorious” by Macklemore, in my headphones when I am walking down to the field whether it is home or away.


Q: Is there a certain type of music you like to listen to to get pumped up?
A: It’s sort of a mixture between rap and whatever else has inspirational words in it.


Q: What would you like to accomplish this season?
A: Our ultimate goal is to win the Landmark Conference championship this year because for the first time in a couple of years it’s definitely something that is in reach for our team this year. But we have a saying this year, it’s “inch by inch”, so we are just taking it one game at a time.


Q: Is there one certain game you are looking forward to most?
A: The game against Catholic University, especially because it’s their senior day so it would be really nice to win there this year.


Q: Does it being your senior year affect the way you play?
A: We’ve always had the motto on our team of playing for yourself but playing for everyone else and the team as a whole. So because I’m a senior every game does mean a little bit more because it’s the last time I’ll play all these teams most likely. But it’s more playing for everyone and doing the best that I can for the whole team.


Q: You guys have gotten off to a fantastic start to the season, can you talk a little bit about that.
A: We are very excited about that especially because we have more wins already this year than we did last year so it feels really good to have that under our belt. Especially going into conference play this weekend against Moravian College it builds our confidence for that.


Q: Does being named Athlete of the Week build your own confidence?
A: A little bit, yeah, but I don’t think it is changing anything with how I play or how I step on to the field mentally.



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