Five Fall Activities to do in Scranton

Arts and Life Editor

As the fall season approaches, so does our desire to partake in a fall themed activity. Some of us are far from home and we may not be familiar with fall themed activities in or around Scranton. Here are some fall activities to consider doing in Scranton this season:

  1. Robas Family Farms

At Robas Family Farms, you can go apple picking at their orchard, pumpkin picking, indulge in apple cider doughnuts, go on hayrides and more. Robas Family Farms has a little something for everyone. Pro-tip: On Fridays, admission is about $10 if you bring your college ID, making the Robas experience pretty affordable.

Photo Courtesy of Flickr
ROBAS FAMILY Farms has a wide array of activities, including pumpkin picking

  1. Reaper’s Revenge

If you enjoy actors in scary costumes, creepy scenes and anything that will get your adrenaline pumping, this excursion is the one for you. Reaper’s Revenge is a haunted hayride comprised of many haunted attractions along the way: haunted houses, corn mazes and even zombie paintball. Reaper’s Revenge is an interactive experience as well. Attendees can choose if they want to become a part of the show and allow the actors to move close to them and drag them across the scene. However, guests who do not want to be grabbed by the actors will get a glow necklace (which personally sounds more my speed.)

Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons
HAUNTED HAYRIDES can be interactive, and equally scary as traditional haunted houses

  1. Nay Aug Park

Hike to Nay Aug, or rent a bike from the library to take in the foliage Nay Aug has to offer. The changing leaves next to the falls is a picturesque scene that is sure to get you in the fall mood.

Photo Courtesy of Flickr
NAY AUG park leaves transition from green to yellow, red and burnt orange in the fall


  1. Take a scenic drive

In my opinion, nothing is better than going on a drive when the air is crisp – a characteristic indicative of the fall season. With the mountains surrounding Scranton, a scenic drive surely is not hard to come by, nor is it far away. And let us face it: sometimes, a car ride is just what one needs to unwind.

Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons
SCENIC DRIVES to take in fall foliage is a great way to take scenery


  1. Go to a wine tasting

Sorry, but this one is for those who are 21 plus. If this applies to you, you will not have to venture far from campus to find a winery. With several wineries to choose from, a wine tasting can be a fun fall experience full of good drinks, pictures, and times with friends.

Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons
WINE TOURS are not only a fun summer activity but great for fall too

With an array of options to choose from, fun fall activities do not have to seem so far out of reach while at school. So make the most out of being in Scranton during the fall season and do something worthwhile.