Scranton Ranked “Best College” Once Again

Staff Writer

As of Sept. 12, U.S. News’ “Best Colleges” lists were revealed. The University appeared on many of the lists that were released. This has become a consistent pattern for the university which has appeared on the lists many of the past years in the last decade.

Scranton was ranked 18 for “Best Regional University of the North,” which means colleges that are in the north and are usually and consistently having students from mostly the north.

Photo Courtesy of The Aquinas / Lauren Gallagher
THE UNIVERSITY is listed by U.S. News as one of the “Best Colleges” for yet another year

The business program got some great press from The University’s ranking. The business program was ranked 183. Specifically, inside the business major, the accounting and finance tracts were ranked 17 in the country while the entrepreneurship program was ranked 22. The engineering program was ranked 134 even without offering a doctorate in the program.

Perhaps one of the most impressive lists Scranton appeared on was the “Best Value Regional University of the North.” They appeared 18 on this list which ranks the experience and academic quality along with the cost of the school. This is the fifth year in a row where The University has appeared on this list.

Other major appearances on lists occurred in the categories of: Best Science Labs, Best Campus Food, Everyone Plays Intramural Sports, and Most Religious Students. They were ranked 9 for best science labs. The University was ranked 15 in best campus food. When it comes to intramurals, we were ranked 19. In the most religious category, Scranton gained 20 place.