University Announces New Hires

Staff Writer

The University has announced 15 new full-time faculty members for the 2017-18 academic year. In a press release earlier this month, faculty members in various departments were named as full-time members of the University’s faculty.

New members of the faculty have been named in the exercise science, counseling, physics, biology, theology, communication, accounting and nursing departments, as well as staff in the Weinberg Memorial Library.

The faculty members interviewed were excited to be members of the University.

“For me, it was the Jesuit mission,” visiting assistant professor of theology Krista Stevens said. “I know it sounds like a cliche, but all my other work was done at other Jesuit universities. It feels good to be able to continue the mission.” Previously, Stevens was a teaching fellow at Fordham University and a visiting assistant professor at Marquette University.


The full list of newly appointed faculty:

Bryon Applequist – assistant professor of exercise science and sport

Kelly Banyas –  assistant professor in the Weinberg Memorial Library

Tiffany Bordonada – assistant professor of counseling and human services

Thomas Concannon – visiting assistant professor of physics and electrical engineering

Francis Conserette –  assistant professor in the Weinberg Memorial Library

Christopher Howey – assistant professor of biology

Joel Kemp – assistant professor of theology

John Kilker – assistant professor of communication

Linda Mlodzienski – faculty specialist in the accounting department

Anne Royer – assistant professor of biology

Janette Scardillo – faculty specialist in the physical therapy department

Jong-Hyun Son – assistant professor of biology

Leona Sparaco – visiting instructor in the mathematics department

Krista Stevens – visiting assistant professor of theology

Laurie Valunas – faculty specialist in the nursing department