Should Presidents Tweet? Student Voices Opinion

Commentary by
Joanie Crinnion

Donald Trump should stop his tweeting for the good of the country. A majority of voters agree with the statement that Trump should stop tweeting from his personal Twitter account. According to a recent Quinnipiac poll, 26 percent of voters believe he should continue the personal Twitter account and 69 percent believing he should stop. Voters also say that fifty one to twenty-seven percent are embarrassed of Trump as President, and in my opinion those two statistics are in someway connected. I believe that during the election the tweets were a great tool to energize his base. Having any opinion about Trump is difficult because no one knows his motives. His latest twitter rant might be about something he is passionate about or just a distraction from the latest scandal in the news.

The most dangerous aspect about his Tweets is how they present the United States to the world. Trump’s tweets teasing Kim Jong-Un and calling him “Rocket Man” hurt the image of the United States globally. The tweets this week where Trump says that Tillerson, Trump’s Secretary of State shouldn’t, “waste his time negotiating with Little Rocket Man,” and that “we’ll do what has to be done”.  These tweets directly undermine the actions of the people that he put into the position to do the job in the first place. The United States situation with North Korea is not simple nor is the solution as basic as wiping North Korea off the map. The way Trump tweets about the situation presents it as simple as just destroying North Korea. That is not the reality of the situation however. Any conflict with North Korea could have significant consequences both for the United States, South Korea and the innocent inhabitants of North Korea.

Trump’s tweeting not only embarrasses the United States, but also could potentially put the United States in significant danger. These tweets are dividing the country in areas that we previously saw some common ground.

The example could go on and on. The bottom line is this: Trump is now the president; it is time that he puts the American people above his ego and stops tweeting.


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