Catholic Relief Services Club seeks expansion

Staff Writer

Last Monday, the University’s CRS chapter held their first on three discussion-based meeting, which are open to both members and other university students.

Photo courtesy of CRS
THE UNIVERSITY’S Catholic Relief Services club is working to expand the group and create more awareness for social justice issues.

The University’s Catholic Relief Services club has been working to expand participation and increase awareness of social justice issues on campus. Catholic Relief Services, or CRS, is an international humanitarian aid organization that helps people in poverty overcome emergencies, earn a living through sustainability and attain affordable healthcare.

Club president senior Marie MacTigue wants to educate others in hopes of making them passionate about justice in the world.

“I think CRS, as an international organization, is doing incredible work in poor countries around the world. I want our club on campus to represent the international organization by advocating for the poor and vulnerable,” MacTigue said.

The goal of these discussion-based meeting is to create fellowship among members and establish a consistent and driven membership that is passionate about making a change.

CRS, also known as the justice club, has put a special emphasis this year on fair trade, the refugee crisis and climate change.

“You have to know there’s a problem to fix a problem. To make a change, you have to find the root of the problem,” sophomore council member Niamh Girdusky said.


The discussions aim to educate members and non-members alike to get to the roots of these social justice issues and promote newfound appreciation for what those in marginalized communities are currently experiencing around the world.

Nahyun Kang, a senior council member, enjoys helping the campus community become aware of lives of people in other parts of the world who may not always be in the spotlight

“Learning about the lives of other people helps you to be on their level and have a greater appreciation for what struggles they may be facing,” Kang said. “I’m glad to be a part of CRS’s mission to bring this appreciation to our campus.”

To attend the last of the three informational and discussion-based meetings, you can head up to the fourth floor of the DeNaples Center at 8 p.m. on Monday, November 20.