Athlete Spotlight: Bridgette Mann

Photo courtesy of Scranton Athletics.
JUNIOR GUARD Bridgette Mann speeds past two Juniata College defenders during a 62-45 victory over the Golden Eagles.

Sports Editor

The University’s top athlete this week is no stranger to the high-praising title.

 Junior guard, Bridgette Mann, of the women’s basketball team has now earned a third notch in her belt as the University’s Athlete of the Week, earning the title in each of her three seasons playing as a Lady Royal.

Mann, who racked up her 1,000 point earlier in the season, helped the Lady Royals avenge their only loss of the season to Juniata College on Saturday, tallying 11 points in the Royals’ victory.

On a Jan. 31 overtime victory against Moravian College, Mann led the Lady Royals with 20 points.

Mann and the Lady Royals are back in action 7 p.m. Thurs. Feb 8 against Drew University in the John Long Center.

How does it feel to be named athlete of the week for the third time in your career?

It’s very humbling and I would not be granted with this opportunity if it was not for my great teammates because my teammates are the ones that really boost me up. It’s almost like the award should not go to one person, but should go to the whole team because everyone puts in so much effort for practices and games.

What were your expectations for the season and have they been met thus far?

I know a lot of people did not expect us to do what we’re doing now, but this team always knew what we could accomplish.  Despite what other people said, we never gave in to the critics and we always knew that we were going to be a top caliber team and this team has so much resilience and we set the bar high for ourselves and we don’t stop pushing and working until we exceed that limit.

Do you have a favorite professional athlete?

I look up to Carson Wentz in the sense of who he is as a person, not just an athlete. What he does for the community and how much love he has for the Philadelphia organization and his teammates is inspiring?

 What is your favorite memory in a Scranton uniform?

It’s a tossup between making it to the elite 8 my freshman year and playing in the sweet 16 in Missouri last year.

What’s your favorite part about being a Royal?

How much it has taught me to push through adversity and all of the friendships I’ve made over the years.

How did it feel to score 1,000 points and did you think you would reach it in the game against Moravian College?

It was a great experience to share with my teammates and coaches. I honestly wasn’t thinking about it, the only thing in my mind was how we are going to beat Moravian. I didn’t even know I was that close until the day before and during the game I was just concerned about winning.

Do you have anything you want your fans to know?

Sco Birds! We are playing home against Drew this Wednesday and home against our Rival Catholic Saturday, so you should come out and support.



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