Fitness Challenge returns to campus

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The 2018 Fitness Challenge has officially begun and over 800 students have registered to participate this year. The Center for Health and Wellness (CHEW) is the man behind the curtain and they are excited to bring the challenge to the campus for the 11th consecutive year.

The challenge spans over four weeks and has a 150 minute requirement of physical activity per week. CHEW sends an email to all participants at the end of each week and all the participant has to do is verify their completion.

For each week a student completes, they are entered into a raffle for prizes from CHEW. If at least three weeks are completed the student earns the coveted T-shirt, which has a new logo this year.

The challenge changes slightly with the passing years but the heart of it remains the same: promoting physical health and the formation of healthy habits for students on campus.

Photo courtesy of The Aquinas / Elizabeth Dennis
THE FITNESS Challenge has returned to campus and the Spring Weekly Wellness class schedule has been released.

This year there is an option to join the challenge as a team. This may seem like a new concept but is really a retro one that CHEW happily brought it back upon request by the students. Registering for the challenge as a team member does not exclude a student from their individual participation, but acts as an extra piece. If the entire team is able to complete the challenge each week they are entered into a draw for a bonus “team prize” in addition to their chance for individual prizes and the T-shirt at the end.


The Peer Health Educators are members of the CHEW team and they have been promoting the Fitness Challenge around campus. They will continue to host events throughout the month for all students, not just those participating in the challenge.


In an interview with Team Leader Veronica Hernandez she explained the importance of the Fitness Challenge and why students should participate.

“The Fitness Challenge is important because it’s a healthy life enhancing activity. It gives people motivation and incentive to do something for themselves. It also introduces people to fun fitness opportunities on campus like the Zumba, spin or weekly wellness classes. Adding teams allows students to bring their friends along with them on their fitness journey,” Hernandez said.

While some students are unsure of what activities count for the 150 minute requirement, what is convenient about the Fitness Challenge is everything counts. Practices for any sports team, working out in your bedroom, wellness classes (schedules are on bulletin boards around campus or on the CHEW website), hitting the gym, yoga, even walking from Hyland to Condron could count toward your minutes.

Taking the stairs is a healthy habit so why not have it count toward something.