Intersession Blues

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Recently I was told that The University plans to end the “intersession” semester. Although I am sure there is some logic behind this decision (I’m going to guess the University stands to save money) I cannot help but feel frustrated with the University’s choice. The ability to take classes during the winter break can be largely beneficial for students. For example, during my first year I took calculus I and despite being a fairly successful student otherwise, I did terribly in that class. No matter how hard a tried I just could not “get it.” I am the type of person who focuses better on a single subject rather than trying to handle five different subjects at the same time. Intersession offered me the ability to retake calculus so I could focus solely on that subject. Because of that opportunity, I performed well in course. Furthermore, there are times when taking an intersession class is the only way for a student to not fall behind in their major. For example, two semesters of anatomy and physiology lecture/lab are required for numerous majors on campus (Nursing, OT, EXSC, etc.). If a student is unable to pass the first semester, then they are not allowed to take the second semester. Having intersession classes affords that student the opportunity to retake the first semester of anatomy and physiology before the spring semester even starts so that they do not fall behind. Paying the extra money for an intersession class is clearly preferential to having to pay tuition for an additional semester because you fell behind.

The University must realize what it is taking away from students by discontinuing the intersession semester. Although many students might never end up taking an intersession class, for those that have and will in the future, the benefits of those potential students outweigh any financial benefit for the school.