Student Claims Fitness Facility Dangers

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At first glance, the equipment in the school gym seems pristine. This is what I thought when I was a prospective student touring the University at least. To be fair, when I was touring, the equipment in the gym was brand new. On my tour we were told that the gym equipment was sure to stay at this level because the school was set to replace the equipment every few years. Now that I am a junior, the equipment is still the same as it was when I was a first-year.

In all fairness some of the equipment is in good condition and by no means needs to be replaced, such as the platforms, power racks, cardio equipment and the fixed benches. Some of the cardio equipment has been recently replaced within the last year or so (not sure if these pieces of equipment were in need of replacement), and there was an addition of two stair masters, probably one of the most quintessential cardio pieces in a gym.

My main complaint regards the adjustable benches and cables.  Many of the adjustable benches are not stable and thus, they wobble. The fact that the gym staff does not replace or fix these benches concerns me because it is incredibly dangerous. To be laying on an unstable platform while having weight above you is asking for a serious injury. I understand that gym equipment is expensive; however, when it comes to safety, the price of equipment should not matter. The simple fact is this: there is unsafe equipment in our facilities and that is unacceptable. The cables in the gym have a tendency to break constantly (I think this blame resides partly on the users and partly on the gym management to maintain them). Equipment breaks. It happens. However, leave it broken and unstable for months is where the problem is. For example, since the beginning of the fall semester there has been only one 25lb dumbbell. This is probably the most versatile weight amongst gym goers and the school has failed to replace it for over a semester. This wouldn’t be such an issue if we had more than one set of 25lb dumbbells to begin with. In the case of the dumbbell it seems that the lack of replacement is due to a lack of effort from management because a dumbbell is not expensive. There have been signs posted that the dumbbell is on order… but still no dumbbell.

I do not disagree that are fitness facility is on nicer side, especially compared to some other college campuses. The issue is that the gym staff fails to fix the simple issues and the issues regarding safety, which displays a lack of effort from the management.

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