University program invests in high School students’ futures

By: Samantha Calderone

The University’s business department recently implemented a new branch to the High School Scholars Program, titled Business High School Scholars Program. The program welcomed its first group of students during the summer, at which time students were enrolled in a fraud behavior class. According to the voluntary director, Douglas M. Boyle, DBA, CPA, CMA, students who enroll in the program will be offered additional academic support, compared to that of students in the regular scholars program.

In order to make this possible the department has been working in collaboration with the Jesuit Center and The University’s alumni. Members of The University’s faculty, Jesuits and alumni have made donations, and even donated their compensations into the scholarship fund. The money that is collected into the scholarship fund is used only for students in the Business Scholars Program, as a means to help more local students participate in the program.

“Really, it is a collaboration between the faculty, the Jesuits and our alum, and it really shows what Scranton is about. Scranton is about giving back, and getting all those groups to come together was really impressive,” Boyle said.

The intent is that by creating a more economical way for students to join the program that they will consider continuing their education at The University. However, there is no obligation for students to continue in Scranton. Boyle mentioned he hopes that if the program continues to flourish, faculty from other colleges on campus may consider creating a similar program.

Students from regional high schools are able to apply for the program. As a member of the Business Scholars Program, students receive priority registration for their courses so that they can fit it into their schedules. Previous classes have taken place on Saturdays or early in the morning before high school starts.

Emma Boyle, a student in the program from Commonwealth Charter Academy, mentioned that students in the program have also created their own club. The High School Business Club was created to recruit other high school students who are interested in business, even if they are not a part of the scholars program. The hopes then would be that students would learn about the program and also consider joining; it is also a way to get more schools involved and foster relationships.

Boyle shared her thoughts on the program, as well as her hopes that the students who are in the program with her will stay in touch, especially if they continue their education at The University like she hopes to do.

“I have met many new people through the classes I am taking who are all interested in business. I have taken three classes in this program so far, which will help my workload for when I am a student at The University of Scranton,” Boyle said.

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