Clay Avenue, where several students were found to be in violation of the Royals Safe Together Plan and the Student Code of Conduct while hosting a gathering on Aug. 17.

by Kelsey Wynn | Editor in Chief

SCRANTON – The University of Scranton has issued suspensions to an unspecified number of students for behaviors related to off-campus gatherings over the past week.

Stan Zygmunt, director of news and media relations at the University, said disciplinary action followed after students violating social distancing requirements gathered on the front lawn of a house on Clay Avenue on the evening of Aug. 17, according to several student witnesses.

“I watched the whole thing go down from my front porch,” one student said.

The University said the gatherings were in violation of the Royals Safe Together Plan and the Student Code of Conduct. The Royals Safe Together Plan states that all community members must comply with its requirements.

“Gatherings at off-campus residences should be limited in size during the fall semester based on the ability to maintain 6-feet social distancing…  Masks and social distancing should be enforced by the residents when gatherings include individuals who do not reside in the residence,” the plan says.

A statement from the University said students violating guidelines and University directives are subject to disciplinary action, especially those responsible for hosting or promoting such gatherings.

“As we continue to prioritize the health and safety of all community members, the University will make use of the full range of sanctions available in the Student Code of Conduct, up to and including expulsion,” the statement said.

Additional actions are under consideration and will be taken if necessary, according to Zygmunt.