Review of How to Stop Nail Biting

By Benjamin Camp – Staff Writer

People often bite their nails when they are nervous or bored. It sounds simple at first, but it keeps the person either entertained or comforted out of habit.

As harmless as it sounds, it disrupts nail growth including ingrown and swelling around the nails. According to the University of California Los Angeles Health website, biting your nails causes nail fungus to remain in the nail bed, which can pass fingernail fungus to the mouth, cause tissue damage to the nails and more. There is a solution to this problem. 

One product that is on the market to prevent nail biting once and for all is the Mavala Switzerland Stop Deterrent Nail Polish Treatment. This specific kind of nail polish has one goal, which is to prevent the user from biting their nails.

The directions state to apply the nail polish over the entirety of the nail. The user will be able to tell that the nail polish is on because of the glossy appearance, which contains chemical materials to create an unpleasant taste.

So, if someone were to put their nails in their mouth the taste would prevent them from biting their nails. The taste is strong but effective. 

From personal experience biting my nails has become less of a habit because of the nasty taste in my mouth. It allows the nails to grow again rather than being torn apart and open to infections.

Remember to put the polish on every day and always reapply after washing your hands. The polish needs to dry for five minutes to stay effective. If you want to purchase the Mavala Stop Deterrent Nail Polish Treatment it is available on Amazon. There are three options to choose from: one bottle which is $15.25, two bottles for the price of $30 and a seventeen ounce bottle for $11.97. 

Overall, the Mavala Stop Deterrent Nail Polish Treatment is a good product. It enables the user to stop biting their nails so they can grow healthy without infection.

It forces the user to choose other options of coping with boredom or anxiety instead of losing any nail growth, thanks to the nasty mouth taste. It takes time to put it on every day, but it works in the long run.

The only concern might be the cost of the product. Other people give this product an overall rating of four out of five stars on Amazon.