Keeping Up with Kelly

Keeping Up with Kelly 4 By Kelly Nee – Editor In Chief Hi Kelly, I am having roommate issues. Most of the time, I am the only one offering to clean our house, do the dishes, and take the trash out. It’s getting exhausting because I feel like I have no help, but I don’t […]

Keeping Up with Kelly 3

Keeping Up With Kelly 3 By Kelly Nee – Editor In Chief I really struggle with finding healthy food options on campus sometimes. What are your favorite places on campus for the best healthy food options?  I absolutely have a hard time with this too, which is why I cook most of my meals so […]

Keeping Up With Kelly 2

Keeping Up With Kelly 2 Dear Kelly, As a faculty member, I try to keep up with current trends to connect with my students, but I am finding it particularly difficult as I get older. Yesterday I tried a Harry Styles reference in class because I thought everyone liked him, but it didn’t go over well. […]

  Keeping Up with Kelly  

Keeping Up with Kelly   By Kelly Nee – Editor In Chief Interested in sending in a question for our next column? Ask Kelly at: Advice for homesickness?   I honestly struggle with this a lot, and I know so many other people do as well. I think it’s totally natural and super common to miss […]