Keeping Up With Kelly 3

By Kelly Nee – Editor In Chief

I really struggle with finding healthy food options on campus sometimes. What are your favorite places on campus for the best healthy food options? 

I absolutely have a hard time with this too, which is why I cook most of my meals so I can be picky with what I’m eating. But sometimes I grab meals on campus in between classes or on my way home from the gym if I’m tired! The salads at Big Pod are my go-to when I’m looking for something healthier. When I want a sandwich without eating a ton of carbs, I really like the wraps on First Floor. Last year I used to get Greek salads at Einstein’s all the time and they were delicious, but I haven’t seen them in a while!  

I’m a freshman and I’m worried about registration – what happens if I don’t get the classes I need for next semester? 

The good thing about being a first-year is that you have tons of flexibility with your schedule and your requirements. If a class that you want to take is full, you can always take it in the future. Registration is stressful but there are a few tricks to get you through. Before your registration time, keep an eye on the number of seats filling up in classes so you know if the class you want is open. When you register, make sure that you have a list of all the classes that you want to take with the CRNs listed so you can copy and paste it in! Third, set an alarm for five minutes before your registration time so you don’t miss it. Finally, you should have a backup (or two) for each class that you want to take and organize them in order of priority so you can enter the numbers in fast! I remember this feeling, but I promise everything will work out!  

Dear Kelly, 

I am currently a junior majoring in Finance. It was always assumed that I would go into finance like my parents. Now I can’t imagine working with numbers all day. I think I want to go into nursing. I am already 2 1/2 years into school and nursing is a totally different track. This would mean me having to stay at Scranton longer than 4 years. How do I tell my parents? Help!! 

First, good for you for figuring out what you want! I know that this can be a scary situation but I’m going to say that you need to follow your gut. On the bright side, it’s better to know now compared to after graduation. You still have time to change your major and take different classes. If you register for different classes for next semester, you might not have to stay much longer than expected. Be honest with your family as soon as possible. It’ll help take the weight and stress off of you. Good luck!  

Hi Kelly, I am currently a sophomore and I still get homesick sometimes. I actually think I am feeling it more this semester than last semester. Any suggestions? 

Hi! It can always be hard to be away from home. We feel it more strongly at some points than others, and that’s natural. There can also be many other external factors contributing to your homesickness. If you’re feeling more stressed out with classes or having problems with your roommates/friends, that could be part of it. If you can, try to plan a visit home for an upcoming weekend or ask your parents to come up for the day! I’m a senior and my parents still came up for Family Weekend. They took me and my boyfriend to Ale Mary’s for lunch and on a long campus walk, and it was the best day ever! If you don’t have time for a home visit, try setting up a group FaceTime call for the same time every week so you can catch up with your family!