The U Prays for the Dead, Celebrates with the Living

The U Prays for the Dead, Celebrates with the Living By Kyra Krzywicki – Staff Writer Students gathered Oct. 29 to remember deceased loved ones, pray for those affected by social justice issues and to learn about Mexican culture at the seventh annual Día de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead celebration.   Bringing the decorations, […]

Culture, Community, and Catwalks at the International Fashion Show

Culture, Community, and Catwalks at the International Fashion Show By Isabella Barberio – Staff Writer Each year the University’s Asia Club and United Cultures Organization hosts the International Fashion Show. This event allows students to share and honor their culture and counties. Its also a way the student community supports local businesses that represent various […]


Campus Bustling As University Hosts Open House By Phil Schoch – Staff Writer The University recently hosted an open house for interested students.  Not only does it give visitors and potentially new students a tour of the campus and its facilities, but it also brings new life to the University’s campus, which had just finished […]

Liva Performs Musical Rent

Liva Performs Musical Rent By Isabella Barberio – Staff Writer Look out for these stars on stage! Maura Taylor – Senior – playing Joanne Jefferson  Amanda Lamphere – Senior – playing Maureen Johnson  Julia Mancuso – Senior – playing Mimi Marquez  Ethan Connors – Junior – playing Angel Dumott Schnuard   Robert Correas-Rivera – Junior – […]

WUSR Show Schedule Fall 2022 

WUSR Show Schedule Fall 2022 By Kelly Nee – Editor In Chief Interested in listening to a new station? Check out our university’s very own student-run radio station 99.5 WUSR. Here’s the full schedule:  Monday at 3 p.m. –  “Listening with Lola”   Monday at 5 p.m. – “Kiera and Libby”  Tuesday at 11 a.m. –  […]

UPSB Midnight Madness

UPSB Midnight Madness By Victoria Scruse – Staff Writer Before diving into the UPSB Event Midnight Madness, let me first give you some insight on how it all began.   In 1992, Midnight Madness was held for the first time as a late-night studying break during the final week of exams. Since then, the tradition continued […]