Liva Performs Musical Rent

By Isabella Barberio – Staff Writer

Look out for these stars on stage!

Maura Taylor – Senior – playing Joanne Jefferson 

Amanda Lamphere – Senior – playing Maureen Johnson 

Julia Mancuso – Senior – playing Mimi Marquez 

Ethan Connors – Junior – playing Angel Dumott Schnuard  

Robert Correas-Rivera – Junior – playing Tom Collins 

Geoff Pizzuto – Junior – playing Roger Davis  

Wilmarr Saint Surin – Junior – playing Benny Coffin III 

Alex Taylor – Sophomore – playing Mark Cohen  

Junior Robert Correas-Rivera is getting ready for his first performance in Liva. After being cast as a lead after his first time auditioning, Correas-Rivera has loved the show and Liva Arts Company.   

“I practiced a bunch with my friends, and my now costar Ethan, and got cast as Tom Collins. I’ve been loving it ever since,” Correas-Rivera said.  

He knew “Rent” was the show for him once they announced it and decided this was the year he was going to audition.  

“I’ve been meaning to audition for Liva for a while but none of the shows felt like I should audition for them until ‘Rent.’ I did theater in high school and loved it. I’m friends with a bunch of people in the cast too and they were super supportive of me,” Correas-Rivera said.  

Liva Arts Company will be performing Rent on Nov. 17-19 at 8pm. Information will be available closer to the show dates. Reach out to Teleri Broomhead and Narissa Hill with questions.