Scranton Scope Reviews Bingeworthy Shows

Scranton Scope Reviews Bingeworthy Shows By Amelia Semple | Staff Writer Students love binging shows in their spare time when they’re not studying for classes or participating in clubs. We want something that is exciting with cool characters, a dramatic plotline, and something that captures our attention. Since college students are on the hunt for new […]

Book Review: Under The Tuscan Sun

Book Review: Under The Tuscan Sun By Isabella Barberio | Staff Writer Under the Tuscan Sun tells the story of the beautiful Francis and how she learns to find love in Italy. This beautifully written story shares emotions of heartbreak, hope, and gratitude. After her divorce, Francis moves to a villa in Tuscany, Bramasole. With the […]

Book Review: The UnHoneymooners

Book Review: The UnHoneymooners By Isabella Barberio | Staff Writer I was mindlessly strolling around Target one day and came across the book section where I was immediately drawn to the beautiful colors of the book. The bright yellow background with tropical flowers, birds, and leaves made it seem like this book was bright, cheery, and happy. […]