Scranton Scope Reviews Bingeworthy Shows

By Amelia Semple | Staff Writer

Students love binging shows in their spare time when they’re not studying for classes or participating in clubs. We want something that is exciting with cool characters, a dramatic plotline, and something that captures our attention.

Since college students are on the hunt for new shows and want to talk about what they are watching, here are three new ones that students can dive right into.

1. Heartstopper

The romantic drama series is based off the extremely popular graphic novel series by the same title. The series stars Charlie (Joe Locke), the openly gay guy at his all-boys school, who has a crush on popular rugby star player Nick (Kit Connor).

As they start forming a friendship and maybe something more, each boy struggles with dealing with friends, family and growing up (Heartstopper-IMDb). This series has blown up in popularity because of its storytelling and has gotten viewers to turn to this series as something to watch 📺.

One can watch this series while in the dorm, with friends, or even when doing laundry. The series is sweet and endearing and would force one to watch one episode after another. Heartstopper is available on Netflix.

2. Moonknight

Marvel is at it again with another action-packed limited series for its viewers. Steven Grant (Oscar Isaac), troubled gift-shop attendant is blessed with powers from the Egyptian Goddess of the Moon. Yet with a religious mercenary at his tail, he isn’t sure if his powers could be considered a blessing or a curse (Moonknight-IMDb).

This series will leave one questioning about what is going to happen with Grant as he is struggling with demons tied to his powers, but also demons mentally as well. The way Marvel has laid out his action scenes as well will leave it viewers at the edge of their seats.

If you are a Marvel fan, and you want a series that will blow you away with acting and cinematography, this will be perfect for you. Moonknight is available on Disney+.

3. Roar

A woman who eats photographs. A woman who finds bite marks on her skin. A woman who disappeared (Apple TV+). Based on the analogy Roar by Cecelia Ahern, each episode goes over the story of a woman trying to live their lives.

The story is set in the past and the present. In both settings, there is some trial and tribulation in order from them to get through. It features many prominent actresses including Nicole Kidman, Alison Brie, Betty Gilpin, Issa Rae, and Cynthia Erivo (Roar-IMDb).

The show is touching upon female empowerment and mentions issues that women face on a daily bias. Such as being shunned by male power, father’s hold on daughters, and the debate between motherhood verses work. Most of the episodes do mean to be impactful. If one is interested in what the show is trying to promote or just want something to watch, feel free to watch the series. Roar is available on Apple TV+.