Off Campus Students React to Quarantine Meal Plan Options

Seniors Anna Donnelly and Mazie Stiles at the food tent on Quincy Avenue. by Maggie Westerman | Staff Writer SCRANTON – Once the initial shock of being placed in quarantine settles in, the first question many students have is, “How am I going to eat?” At the University of Scranton, students living in dorms didn’t […]

From Quarantine to Remote… And Quarantine Again

by Maggie Westerman | Staff Writer SCRANTON – When the University of Scranton announced a two-week pause beginning on Sept. 16, students began gearing up for the shift to online learning. For many students, however, remote learning was already all too familiar. According to the University’s Health and Safety email from Sept. 7, 260 students […]

University Introduces New Political Science Club

By: Phil Rauch | Managing Editor SCRANTON – The University of Scranton has approved a new club: The Political Science Club. Sophomore accounting major, Ryan Hammer, started the Political Science Club. Political Science Department Chair, Dr. Michael Allison, advises the club. For a club to be official at the University, it must obtain approval from […]

Commuter of Month on Road to Neuroscience

First-year University of Scranton student, Olivia Manarchuck, is September’s Commuter of the Month. by Ann Siock | Staff Writer SCRANTON – While many commuters say they refrained from involving themselves in on-campus activities at the beginning of college, first-year Olivia Manarchuck, neuroscience major on the pre-medical track, said she chooses to balance a vibrant on-campus […]

What’s Going On In The Scranton City Council

By: Phil Rauch | Managing Editor SCRANTON – The City of Scranton has faced many issues surrounding the pandemic, business closures, revenue depletion, and most recently the return of students to the city. City of Scranton councilmember Jessica Rothchild said many cities across the country are struggling with financial loss both in economic activity and […]

Scranton Socializing Not Canceled in 2020

via Scranton Fringe Festival Facebook page by Gabriela Fitzpatrick | Staff Writer SCRANTON – As businesses shutter their doors, event halls cancel lineups and the University of Scranton continues its second week of a two-week online instruction period, students say they struggle finding things to look forward to. Several businesses and events in Scranton would […]

Meet the University’s New Dean of The College of Arts

By: Phil Rauch | Managing Editor SCRANTON – On Jul. 1, 2020, Dr. Michelle Maldonado began her tenure as the new Dean of The College of Arts and Sciences. She replaced Dr. Brian Conniff. Dr. Maldonado has extensive experience with the Jesuit style of education. She obtained her undergraduate degree at Georgetown University in French […]

University LSAT Prep Course Awaiting Approval, Pre-Law Students Delay Study

By: Phil Rauch | Managing Editor SCRANTON – The University of Scranton’s LSAT [Law School Admission Test] prep course, which has not yet been formally approved by the university, will be considered for credit approval in October but is not scheduled to run in the Spring semester. The course, which is instructed by Dr. Matthew […]

College Jobs: More Than Making Money

by Gabriela Fitzpatrick | Staff Writer SCRANTON – University of Scranton students say not only is pulling off working while studying for a degree a possibility, but various forms of college-age job opportunities offer different benefits for everyone. Josiah Marquez, 21, Taylor Avenue, senior strategic communication major with a concentration in public relations at the […]

Considerations For Moving Off Campus

by Gabriela Fitzpatrick | Staff Writer SCRANTON – Students say the freedom of living off campus at the University of Scranton is abundant, but some things should not be ignored in the process of making the big move. According to current off-campus students, a conversation with friends typically arises introducing the question “should we move […]