by Gabriela Fitzpatrick | Staff Writer

SCRANTON – University of Scranton students say not only is pulling off working while studying for a degree a possibility, but various forms of college-age job opportunities offer different benefits for everyone.

Josiah Marquez, 21, Taylor Avenue, senior strategic communication major with a concentration in public relations at the University of Scranton, works as a work study employee in the Communication department.

“It is a great experience whether working in the front desk to help out my boss with bulletin board projects, paperwork, etc.,” Marquez said. “Or even helping the professors out around the department […] [as well as] getting to know my professors and being productive during my free time.”

Although there are many reasons to work while going to school according to Marquez, he said that his work study position is more than socializing with his department and filling up free time.

“Since I live on off campus housing, it was necessary for me to get job now to pay off rent and utilities,” Marquez said.

Poul Chinga, 21, Taylor Avenue, senior physiology major at the University, said he works to gain experience toward his dream of going to medical school.

“I myself work as a scribe at a hospital,” Chinga said. “I assist the doctor by following him around and taking notes of the patient and their condition while in the emergency room. For example, if a patient were to be septic I would make note of that and then proceed to input it on the hospitals charting system.”

Chinga also said that any work in an individual’s field of study can be beneficial in the future.

“Honestly having connections is extremely important because it gives you an edge,” Chinga said. “Never be afraid to go out and talk to people because by establishing those connections you’ll be able to build yourself a great [reputation] which will assist in helping you obtain any position you want [and] also maintain motivation.”

Gillian Herschlag, 21, North Webster Avenue, senior computer science major, works with DoorDash, which she said is a great option along with GrubHub and Uber Eats.

“It’s been super helpful,” Herschlag said. “It’s easy to do as a student because you get to pick your hours and choose how much or how little you want to work. They are short on drivers in the area and frequently add in bonuses throughout the week. So far I’ve managed to make over $80 within 4 hours.”

Herschlag said she recommends working during school, specifically DoorDash, to her friends, with only one warning.

“The only downside is that’s you’ll know all the deals on food in the area, so you might be tempted to buy something yourself,” Herschlag said.

Josie Coyne, 21, Hitchcock Court, senior biology major at the university, works at a local Italian restaurant, Bar Pazzo.

“I really enjoy working there, it’s decent money,” Coyne said. “It can be tough at times to balance work and school, but if you stay on top of it, it’s manageable.”

Coyne expressed the importance of good time management when having a job and attending school simultaneously.

“I usually worked on weekends which initially was when I did most homework for classes,” Coyne said. “Instead, I adjusted to finding more time during the week to get school work done.”

Between work study options, freelance food delivery and medical internships, students at the University of Scranton largely recommend being an employed student.