Book Review: The UnHoneymooners

By Isabella Barberio | Staff Writer

I was mindlessly strolling around Target one day and came across the book section where I was immediately drawn to the beautiful colors of the book. The bright yellow background with tropical flowers, birds, and leaves made it seem like this book was bright, cheery, and happy.

The beginning of the book consists of Olive, the main character, displaying the similarities and differences between her and her twin sister, Ami. Ami has always had good luck, winning every raffle she has applied for, and Olive has the opposite.

But when Ami gets sick and can’t go on her honeymoon, Olive must take Ami’s place.

When she finds out that the additional plane ticket is for the best man, and Olive’s biggest enemy, she starts to panic. They have to spend ten days together on a tropical island… What could go wrong? Just about everything.

Throughout the book Olive learns to tolerate Ethan, while he also learns to tolerate her. They decided that Ethan never gets the huge master bed and instead must sleep on the couch, and that they were spending no time together during that trip.

As everyone may assume, the feelings between the two of them change. It was a cheesy, fun, light read that I would recommend to anyone who into RomCom books