UPSB Midnight Madness

By Victoria Scruse – Staff Writer

Before diving into the UPSB Event Midnight Madness, let me first give you some insight on how it all began.  

In 1992, Midnight Madness was held for the first time as a late-night studying break during the final week of exams. Since then, the tradition continued until 1995 when it became a two-day long extravaganza and hosted about 400 to 600 students.  

The event included pillow fights, bungee boxing, moon bounce, and sportive games for students. Aside from the interactive activities, students were also given food and drinks. Food was provided by ARAMARK in addition to McDonald’s and Pepe’s Pizza. 

Thanks to the Office of Residence Life, The Wellness Forum, Student Activities, and Student Government and the Office of Intramurals and Recreation there is now a night full of excitement for royals. Thus, introducing a new tradition to Scranton students as a part of their college experience.  

Fast forward to now, with Midterms just around the corner, students are encouraged to attend Midnight Madness, a night where laughter is contagious, games are played, sports teams are celebrated, and students show off their royal pride.  

Music and colorful lights brought a cheerful mood. Our fellow peers hosting the event made it an everlasting memory for all.  

After everyone got settled and were given free t-shirts, around 10 p.m. 

All student-athletes were welcomed to join the rest of our peers for the epic celebration by our Cheerleaders, who had previously performed. Each sports team was introduced by a music of their choice along with some fun dance moves.  

Once everyone was settled, the games started.  

Students volunteered to play in games against our student-athletes such as Pass the Hoop, shooting a Half Court, and Pie Face brought everyone together to show off our royal pride while potentially winning a prize.  

In every game, our one and only mascot, Iggy the royal wolf, was present and brought on the royal pride with his dance moves and enthusiasm.  

The night concluded with performances by the Urban Beats Crew and the Dance Team livening our school spirit and showing what it means to be a royal. 

Events such as these bring all students together on a bigger aspect to represent the unity, positivity, and inclusivity within our community.  

Midnight Madness is truly an occasion that draws students together, forms greater bonds, and lifts our spirits from restless moments to being interactive with one another. This tradition will forever hold a place in every student’s heart and garner the attention of potential students willing to be a part of our lovely community.