Culture, Community, and Catwalks at the International Fashion Show

Kathleen Appau walking in honor of her grandmother

By Isabella Barberio – Staff Writer

Each year the University’s Asia Club and United Cultures Organization hosts the International Fashion Show. This event allows students to share and honor their culture and counties. Its also a way the student community supports local businesses that represent various diverse backgrounds by being served and credited at the event. 

President of United Cultures Organization, Ashley Moronta, provided insight about the goals and planning the International Fashion Show. It’s easy for a student to get involved in the fashion show each year.  

“Members of UCO and Asia club are told about the ability to walk in one of the 4 categories during club meetings. They are also told to spread that info to anyone they know who may be interested in modeling in the show who is not a part of either of those two clubs. Once models are selected, they are required to attend 2 modeling practices in which we teach the models the proper way to walk on the catwalk so that people who have never modeled before know what to do.” Moronta said.  

The student body comes together as a community to watch their friends walk in the show, which happens to be Moronta’s favorite part of the show. She encourages everyone to be involved in the show if possible.  

“I think people should be involved in the show because it is a great way to share your culture with others. This year we had so many amazing models that represented 15 different countries and shared their clothing and culture with the rest of the Scranton community.” Moronta said.  

Kathleen Appau, a member of UCO, had the opportunity to walk in the show. She talked about her experience in the show and was excited to give background information about the pieces she was wearing. Appau previously walked in the show and decided to commit to two categories this year.  

“I decided to walk in the fashion show because I had so much fun participating in it last year. I was in one category last year and loved it so much that I decided to do two categories this year.” Appau said.  

The two categories Appau participated in was Aesthetics and Rep Your Flag. She explained the outfits she wore for both categories.  

“The first category I participated in was Aesthetics and I wore a distressed brown knit sweater dress with gold jewelry and tan heels that had braided detailing across it. The second category I did was rep your flag and I wore a dress made out of white kente cloth.” Appau said.  

During the Rep Your Flag category, Appau dedicated her walk to her grandmother who passed away recently.  

“In the rep your flag category I dedicated my walk to my grandmother who passed away almost two weeks ago. The white kente cloth I wore was handmade for my grandmother’s 100 year birthday party. I also walked with the Ghanaian flag and a tan that was also made for her party.” Appau said.  

The International Fashion Show brings the Scranton community together by sharing cultures and passion. Moronta and Appau showed their appreciation and love for the event during the interviews.