Keeping Up with Kelly 4

Kelly Nee of “Keeping Up With Kelly”

By Kelly Nee – Editor In Chief

Hi Kelly, I am having roommate issues. Most of the time, I am the only one offering to clean our house, do the dishes, and take the trash out. It’s getting exhausting because I feel like I have no help, but I don’t know how to approach asking them for more help and am nervous about the response I would get.  

Hi anonymous! I’m sorry about your roommate issues. That can be really frustrating! Sometimes, people aren’t aware that they aren’t doing their part and think that everything is fine, so the best thing that you can do is ask for some help! I would suggest making a chore chart. Identify the biggest jobs that need to be taken care of, and then each roommate is responsible for one of them. But switch the jobs every week so that no one gets bored, and it keeps it interesting! The most important thing you can do for yourself and for the friend group dynamic is to be honest about how you’re feeling and make sure that everyone pulls their weight. 

Dear Kelly, it’s my first semester here and it doesn’t really feel like the holidays. What can I do to make it feel like Christmas does at home? I don’t want to feel like I missed Christmas this year!  

Christmas is my favorite holiday, so I completely understand not wanting to miss it. Here are some of my favorite things to do at school to make it feel a little bit more like the holidays. First, get a peppermint mocha at Starbucks. Or if you’re not a coffee drinker, get a hot chocolate – the point is just the festive cup. Next, hang a strand of Christmas lights in your room to make it feel cozy and bright! You can always play Christmas music in your room, online shop for gifts for family and friends, and bake those pre-made Pillsbury Christmas cookies in the kitchen in your building. Bonus points if you can make it to the Christmas tree lighting on the green!  

Hey Kelly, I have a question about the holidays! My family is having our first Christmas together since Covid and I’m a little nervous about seeing everyone all at once for the first time in two years.  

I bet a lot of people are feeling that way this year, so you’re not alone! It can be really overwhelming seeing your family together in one place. Try to be as present as possible and look at it “glass half full.” This is something you haven’t been able to do in two years, and now you have this blessing to be with family again! If all else fails, just stick close to your favorite cousin, and have a fun time together. Good luck! 

Hi Kelly! I’m a little worried about holiday weight gain. This time of year, everyone is baking cookies and making comfort food and I feel like I’m definitely going to put on some holiday weight. 

I can assure you that everyone feels the same way and that it’s totally natural to put on a few pounds around the holidays. I think my best advice would be to get in a routine that feels good for your body now, like fitting a gym routine or some spin classes into your weekly schedule to get in the habit of doing it, that way you feel better when you go home! But don’t hold yourself back from enjoying special moments at the holidays. Christmas cookies are meant to be enjoyed and you should let yourself have that joy!