by Kelly Nee | Managing Editor

SCRANTON – The University of Scranton’s admissions staff is now welcoming families onto campus in a socially distanced environment.

Josh Perry, associate director of admissions, said all campus visits went entirely virtual in March and remained that way until June 29. Now with students back on campus, tours and information sessions are getting back to normal, as best as they can.

“We have our student’s, our staff’s, and our faculty’s well-being in mind, as well as our visiting families on campus,” Perry said. “We needed to make sure that everyone was safe.”

Tours have been cut down to about a half hour and no longer include bringing families inside the residence halls or library. Instead, they receive the same information outside those buildings and participate in a virtual showing of the facilities that they couldn’t access.

Additionally, information sessions have been moved to an outdoor tent on the lawn of The Estate. There is also a limit of four people per family, and only six families per session, to adhere with social distancing guidelines.

Perry said that the University had plenty of time to figure out how to open its doors in the right way, and that it’s been great getting back on campus.

Jill Wall, 2019 grad and current admissions counselor, says there were plenty of reasons to bring families back to campus and show off Scranton.

“Coming onto campus and being able to have that community feel and experience it for yourself firsthand is really something that I’m excited to still be able to offer families,” Wall said.