From left: students Rebecca Brennan and Bridget Warren visit the new Wolves’ Den food truck outside the DeNaples Center.

by James Leonard | Staff Writer

SCRANTON – Students returning to campus this semester might have noticed a new addition to the DeNaples Center patio – their very own food truck.

The new Wolves’ Den truck offers students a range of outdoor dining options, from tofu bowls to hot wings, on a daily rotation.

Students can use their meal plans, Royal Card or Flex Dollars to purchase meals. The food truck does not accept cash at this time.

The Truck’s employees are professional caterers who usually work in supplying food for weddings and other large events. With COVID-19 all but eliminating those kinds of large events, the company has been expanding its horizons with new projects like the Wolves’ Den truck, according to Aramark manager Chad Lloyd.

The hours of the truck are:

Lunch: Monday – Friday, 11 a.m. – 2 p.m.

Dinner: Monday – Thursday, 5 7 p.m.

Brunch: Saturday – Sunday, 11 a.m. – 3 p.m.

The consensus on campus seems to be overwhelmingly in support of the new food truck so far, with many expressing hope that it remains on campus even after COVID-19 concerns subside.

“I like it a lot,” first-year student Shannon Bunn said. “I got it last week, and I got it this week. Taco Tuesday is really good. I’d give it an 8.4 out of 10.”

University student Tyler Cichetti said he likes having an outside dining option so he doesn’t have to deal with the difficulties of having plexiglass barriers between him and his friends.

“You have to yell at them and they can’t hear you, so you have to yell at them back,” Cichetti said. “Everyone in the cafeteria is yelling also, so you can’t hear what anyone is saying. Eating outside is much more enjoyable.”

As the weather cools down in the coming weeks the truck will continue to serve students. This past week the truck moved its operation indoors to the first floor DeNaples food court amidst the heavy rainstorms on Friday and Saturday evening.

The truck offers a weekly menu cycle that rotates options daily:

  • Monday Madness: Spicy Shrimp or Tofu Bowl
  • Taco Tuesday: Taco Bowl with Chicken or Tofu
  • Wing It Wednesday: Hot Wing Bites or Vegan Hot Wing Bowl
  • Thankful Thursday: Royal Raspberry Kiwi Pineapple Bowl
  • Feel Good Friday: Grain Bowl with Salmon or Vegan Chorizo
  • Saturday & Sunday: Brunch Bowls

*A bag of chips, a beverage and a dessert are included with every meal.

While the food truck has been popular among students, Aramark has no plans to open additional trucks on campus right now. However, there are plans to expand into a new menu for dinner.

“They are working on the menu, so it will serve more hot meals like you would get from Fresh Food Company inside of DeNaples,” Lloyd said.

For additional information, contact Wolves’ Den general manager Joe Boyd at