by Kelly Nee  |  Managing Editor

SCRANTON – University of Scranton students voted for their favorite on- and off-campus spots through a series of polls on The Aquinas’ Sept 8 Instagram story. Here are the results:

Chick-Fil-A vs. Which Wich

Chick Fil A wins the first poll! The fast food chain gets 99 votes compared to 45 votes for Which Wich.

Zoca vs. Grille Works

Zoca wins by a small margin of votes: 74 students picked Zoca and 69 students picked Grille Works.

Einsteins vs. Bleecker Street

Einsteins Bagels in Leahy Hall wins with 100 votes; Bleecker Street in LSC only gets 45 votes.

First Floor vs. Third Floor

Third floor DeNaples takes the cake. The all-you-can-eat buffet gets 91 votes compared to 58 votes for grab and go dining.

Gavigan Hall vs. Reddington Hall

Gavigan wins this one! 77 students voted for Gavigan Hall, and only 63 voted for Reddington Hall.

Theology vs. Philosophy

University of Scranton students generally enjoy philosophy more, with 94 votes for philosophy compared to 53 votes for theology.

Granteed’s vs. CK’s

Clearly, Scranton students prefer grabbing a Granteed’s slice. Granteed’s brought in 103 votes, with CK’s bringing in 48 votes.

Adezzo vs. Northern Light

The winning coffeeshop is Northern Light. University students picked Northern Light 100 times, and picked Adezzo only 40 times.