Dining Services Hiring Student Workers

by Kelly Nee | Managing Editor

SCRANTON – The University of Scranton is hiring students to work in the DeNaples Food Court and the catering company.

The university’s dining services offer flexible hours that fit within student schedules, which brings the campus community together and simultaneously provides jobs to students.

There have been many changes to the dining experience so far this spring semester, including more menu options at Chick-Fil-A and the pasta station. The rotating station in Big Pod has changed again in order to provide students with a variety of options at all times.

This spring semester has also seen the rise of online ordering, which admittedly gets a bit busy during peak lunch and dinner times. However, the university is working through these challenges, and the new system reduces density in packed areas and provides students with a new alternative.

Additionally, dining services is introducing a “meet the director” table next week to answer any questions about meal plans, guest swipes, flex money, and more. Students can receive a free snack or extra flex from stopping by the table; more information about this will be posted in the third floor dining hall.

Food Services Director Joe Boyd recommends that students email him directly with any issues @joseph.boyd@scranton.edu, or speak to the manager on duty.

“Our team likes to respond to the issue at hand and try and fix the issue at the time of the event,” Boyd said.

Boyd also asks students to be patient with food service workers, who have stepped up in spite of hardship and been committed to taking care of students, even behind the plexiglass and the mask.

“It is a pleasure seeing students back on campus this semester. It is such a different place without you,” Boyd said.