Area Pharmacies Recruit Students for Temporary Work

by Kelly Nee | Managing Editor

SCRANTON – Local pharmacies and medical practices are hiring students for temporary COVID-19 data entry jobs.

The Greater Scranton Chamber of Commerce is launching a program which uses students to enter information and confirm vaccine appointments. The funding comes from the Coronavirus Aid Relief and Economic Security Act.

Chamber President Bob Durkin said this program intends to assist in vaccinating vulnerable communities more effectively.

“The work that comes from the program not only provides young college students and professionals with real world experience, but will also make a significant impact on many lives in the Lackawanna County community,” Durkin said.

These temporary jobs offer $13 per hour, a travel stipend, and higher priority to receive the vaccine, if workers are interested.

Prescription Center Pharmacist Mark Ruane said the rollout of the vaccine has made it much more difficult for independent pharmacies.

“Anything that they could do to make this process simpler is going to result in more people getting the vaccine in a quicker amount of time, so long as the state allocates them to us,” Ruane said.

Interested students can apply at