How Do Royals Celebrate Valentine’s Day?

By Phil Rauch | Editor in Chief

Valentine’s Day means many different things to many different people. Some people love Valentine’s Day, some people hate it. It’s definitely somewhat of a controversial holiday.

A lot of people associate Valentine’s Day with exclusively romantic love, or love that’s involved in dating somebody, being engaged, or being married. However, Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love altogether.

There’s love between friends, family members, coworkers, acquaintances, and all sorts of people you appreciate throughout your life.

To get to the bottom of what Royals do for Valentine’s Day, The Aquinas asked a few students what they do to celebrate their Valentine’s Day.

Simon Peter is a senior Political Science major, and he says that going above and beyond for whomever you love is what it’s all about.

“For Valentine’s Day, candy and a nice dinner are imperative. Love and food work hand in hand. For my significant other, I always get a thoughtful card, her favorite candy, and pick a nice place for dinner. It’s about going the extra mile. Also, and this is important, don’t forget to acknowledge your mother on Valentine’s Day. Give her a call, and, if you’re close by, drop a card off and let your mom know you love her.”

Some people have no attitude one way or another about Valentine’s Day, too. They just treat it like every other day and just go about their business.

Junior Marketing major Mike Honrado says he just goes about his day on Valentine’s Day.

“I generally don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day like I do with other holidays. I tend to just treat it like any other day in the life of a college student. I get work done, I watch TV, and hangout with some friends. However, I do always text my parents wishing them a Happy Valentine’s Day.”

For Hannah Applegate, a senior Senior Health Promotion major, she makes sure all the people she loves in her life get recognition they deserve.

“I like to celebrate Valentine’s Day by the letting the people I love know how much I love them and appreciate them! I think Valentine’s Day doesn’t just have to be about love between significant others, it’s also about the love shared between friends and family!”

All in all, it sounds like many different Royals spend their Valentine’s Day in all sorts of ways. For some people, Valentine’s Day can be seen as a source of stress, anxiety, or sadness. But it is imperative for everybody to remember that there are always people who care. On Valentine’s Day, reach out to them and make sure they know how much you care! It’s always good to spread love, especially on Valentine’s Day.