Aquinas Book Review: The Wedding by Nicholas Sparks

Isabella Barberio | Staff Writer

The Wedding Nicholas Sparks | OneForTheBooksBlog

As a long time fan of romance novels, I have always loved Nicholas Sparks. I have read The Notebook multiple times and it never fails to have a timeless storyline. When I started The Wedding I knew I would love it just as much, and maybe more. I had just picked it up one day, not knowing what the book was about or who the characters were. I was pleasantly surprised when I found out that this book is about the daughter and son-in-law of Allie and Noah Calhoun, the main characters of The Notebook. It was so much fun reading about their family after knowing their love story so well. Unlike the strong love between Allie and Noah, Wilson and Jane struggle to keep their spark after raising their 3 children and getting accustomed to living different lives. Wilson constantly wonders if Jane still loves him, and he spends a lot of his time with Noah. He asks questions and for advice about how to express his emotions and keep their love alive, something that Noah knows how to do very well. Wilson had heard all the stories of how Noah has expressed his love to Allie throughout his life and was inspired by the way he was able to express his emotions so graciously. This is one of the books that I don’t want to spoil because of the beautiful job Sparks does writing this story, but I will give some fun spoilers. Wilson goes out of his way to adorn Jane with gifts and impossible favors to help while they plan their daughter’s way in an attempt to rekindle their love. Surrounded by romance, they start warming up to each other again and spend most of their time remembering the memories they made while they were younger and dating. This is the perfect book for any hopeless romantic who loves a happy ending. It was a quick and easy read that was hard to put down. I recommend The Wedding to anyone, even if you aren’t a Nicholas Sparks fan.