Library Replaces Java City With Scranton Market

By James Leonard | News Editor

The university is constructing a new food vendor for students offering 24/7 service.

General Manager of Operations Joe Boyd said the university wanted to offer something fresh and new instead of rejuvenating the Weinberg Memorial Libraries Java City.

“The library location was previously home to a Java City Coffee Kiosk,” Boyd said. “However, with Starbucks only one building away and this part of the library being available to students 24/7, we decided to take advantage of the opportunity to offer something to the students that will be there.”

The 24/7 self-serve location will offer similar convenience and snack items that are currently offered at the POD Markets on campus.

According to Boyd, it will also offer pre-packaged Grab & Go items like sandwiches, salads, and wraps. The Scranton Market will also offer a self-serve Costa Coffee machine and a Yok-Kai Ramen Bowl machine.

According to an article published on Royal News, “The Yo-Kai can hold more than ten different specialty noodle bowls, such as Tonkotsu Ramen, Vegan Udon, Shrimp Tempura Udon, Spicy Kimchi Pork Miso Ramen, Beef Pho, Chicken Pho, and more.”

The student government had an opportunity to review the plans for the new food station.

Class president Adrianna Smith said that the new self-serve food station will offer students that are studying a quick and convenient place to grab food to easily get back to their studies.

“I thought it was a great idea to add a food option like this,” Smith said. “Aramark had proposed the plan as a replacement to Java City and I think the pros to the new plan are that students will have a new place to get food and other items without leaving the library and it will be open for 24 hours!”

Students around campus are welcoming the idea of a new, diverse and convenient food option right in the middle of campus.

Junior Camden Bannon said the new service offers a quick and easy option for students that are studying in the library.

The construction of the station will be starting this summer and should be finished by Fall opening 2022 according to campus dining services.