Liva Arts Company Starts Production on Fall Show 

Liva Arts Company Audition

By Isabella Barberio – Social Media Manager

The hallway leading to the audition room was a sea of nervous faces. Whispering song lyrics to themselves, the nerves of the performers filled the air. Returning members of Liva Arts Company tried their best to ease the anxieties of new members auditioning for the fall semester show, “Rent.” 

First year Lily Guidetti was among that crowd, shocked at how different auditioning for a college show was from auditioning for a high school show. Guidetti was unsure if she wanted to continue doing theater in college but when she saw they were doing “Rent,” her dream show since she was 10 years old, she knew she had to try.  

“I think it was definitely different from high school audition processes because for those you can practice in your room but here you are in a dorm,” Guidetti said. “You can’t run your songs in your room because you don’t want to annoy anyone, so it was a little less preparation than what I’m used to.” 

Director Teleri  Broomhead is familiar with this feeling after auditioning for Liva shows the past. 

“Thinking about myself walking into the audition room for the first time three years ago, I always felt so welcome and accepted, and that’s what I’ve been striving to continue throughout my directorial process.”  

When asked why the campus performing arts club chose to do “Rent,” Assistant Director Narssia Hill said “We chose this  show because it is different from other shows Liva has done since Teleri and I have been going  here and it’s both of our favorite musical.”  

“Rent” is a rock musical that tells the story of young artists in the East Village of New York City struggling to survive during the days of bohemian Alphabet City and HIV/AIDS. Popular songs from the show are “Seasons of Love,” “La Vie Boheme,” and “Take Me or Leave Me.”  

Broomhead is excited to touch the emotions of audience members, an important part of Liva shows in the past.  

“Liva has established itself as a club that loves to have fun and make people laugh; this show is the perfect opportunity to give our club members a chance to show their range and to spread a very important message of love, acceptance and pride.”   

Liva has been a successful student run club on campus, helping students continue their theater and performing arts journey in college.  

Junior Aimee Mockler decided to join Liva because she “wanted to continue my theater journey that I started when I was in grammar school. I loved the idea of Liva being a fully student run club and everyone is on the same playing field.” 

Senior and Liva’s Business Manager Caitlin Connallon chose to join Liva as a first year student but didn’t perform until her second semester.  

“I knew I wanted to do theater in college, but I didn’t know if I wanted the structure aspect of it being department run as a theater major. I wanted something more laid back.”  

While being part of Liva throughout her years here at the university, Connallon quickly learned it was less like a club and more like a family. “Everyone  supports each other so much… you’re surrounded by people who are passionate about what  you’re passionate about. It brings me so much joy going to every rehearsal.”  

From the first day  of rehearsal to tech week, members of Liva create memories while sharing their passions together. Broomhead also talked about the “Liva love” the members share, “Our club likes to  say we are a family that happens to do musicals together.”  

Aside from on stage performers, Liva is always looking for production crew members.  

“We can always use new people for new to help with building the set, painting the set, and help run the crew.” said Hill. 

If anyone is interested in joining Liva or doing production for this show, reach out to Teleri Broomhead or Narissa Hill