The Three Best Cheap Eats Off Campus 

By Jackson Fiener – Staff Writer

SCRANTON – Eating on campus every day during the school year can become repetitive and boring. So, it is worth learning local spots in Scranton to mix things up while staying on budget.  

For this newspaper’s purposes, the eateries that will be discussed are ones that are friendly to the tight budget of a college student.  

One favorite of students is Granteed’s Pizza, Mulberry St., which is located right across from the university’s parking pavilion. Granteed’s has all the classic pizzeria options along with strombolis, calzones, cold and hot subs, and antipasto salads. The pricing is also budget-friendly, as a large plain pie costs $10.50 and an Italian sub is $7.50.  

Another local favorite is Coney Island of Scranton, 100 Cedar Ave. There is also another location, called Coney Island Lunch, located on Lackawanna Ave. The quality and prices offered by these eateries make the distance from campus worth the travel.  

Coney Island of Scranton is known for its famous ‘Texas Weiner’ for $3.95, which is a type of chilidog. Coney Island also serves cheeseburgers like the ‘Texas Cheeseburger’ with endless different fry toppings. The price for a ‘Texas Cheeseburger’ is $4.25 and an order of fries is $3.25, making both Coney Island locations cheap but delicious options. 

If you are ever craving Chinese food, the best local spot is Chen Garden, 1212 Mulberry St., just past the university’s wellness center. Chen Garden is a student favorite because of its walkable distance and fair pricing.  

Chen Garden features all the favorite classics from a Chinese American cuisine. For $8.95, customers can order a dinner combo, which consists of your choice of protein, fried rice and an egg roll.  

If you are looking for a nearby place to have a sit-down meal, check-out Osaka, Backyard Ale House, or Abe’s Delicatessen. 

Whatever you crave next, the Scranton area has options that will satisfy both your stomach and wallet.