Man On The Street: How Do You Say “Scranton?” 

By By Emilee Roberti – Staff Writer

Students from all over the country travel to Scranton to study at “The U.” As a result, there are some disagreements over how to pronounce specific words.  

In the few weeks that we have been on campus, I have been studying these pronunciation patterns, and have asked random students to demonstrate how they pronounce “Scranton.” 

Kayla Matika, freshman biology major, was surprised to hear the variety of pronunciations.  

“I’m from Whitehall, PA and I pronounce it as “Scran-In” but since moving up here I have heard it so many different ways and it is kind of weird to hear different pronunciations,” Matika said.  

Kathrine Smith, Freshman, Secondary Education Major English, is from New Jersey and completely skips the “T” sound.  

“I say “Scran-En” and I’m from Sparta, New Jersey, but I’ve heard it said differently, especially by professors,” Smith said.  

In comparison, another student, senior Olivia Zehel, is local to the area and says Scranton a different way.  

“I’m a local and I say “Scran-T-In” with a hard T pronunciation,” Zehel said.  

How do you say “Scranton?”