The Perks of Starting Your Second-Year of College

By Anthony Muclada – Staff Writer

We are now several weeks into the fall semester here at The University of Scranton. As with my previous semesters, it has been a total blast so far. However, I feel this semester has been way better than my previous semesters, and that comes down to one thing: experience.

I am currently a sophomore whose major is Secondary Education – History. As I have gone through these first several weeks, I could not help but notice several perks that add to a student’s second-year on campus. After talking to several people, I realized that I was not the only one who recognized these perks.

When I first arrived here as a first year, I remember distinctly how homesick I was during the first week. It was one of the first times I was really on my own. Additionally, it was a little difficult to navigate the unfamiliar setting on campus I was not used to.

Thankfully, as my first-year progressed, I got less and less homesick as the weeks went on and I learned the locations on campus like the back of my hand. Aside from this, I gained many new friends over the course of my first two semesters on campus.

I recently interviewed Bio-Chem: Pre-Professional Tract major Kayla Perrong, who is currently a Junior here on campus and a good friend of mine. During our interview, Kayla reminisced on her second-year experience.

“I didn’t have as much anxiety or homesickness just because I knew my friends, the teachers, and how to navigate the campus,” Perrong said.

That same sentiment was shared by John Christiansen, who is currently a sophomore and majoring in Secondary Education – History.

“The campus becomes your home since you know your friends, your teachers, and what classes best suit you,” Christiansen said.

Both of them bring up the crucial point of knowing the professors. At several points last year, I went to the office hours of my professors. I saw this as an incredible honor since I got to know them better, and because they gave me life-changing advice.

“By going to their office, they help guide you to what professors to take for the next following years, what classes to take, and what scientific research opportunities would best help expand your overall experience,” Perrong said.

Once I completed my first-year on campus, I looked back on it as a life-changing experience. Several weeks into my second-year, I am confident already that this year will be even better than the first.

From what I have learned while conducting interviews on campus, these perks are a shared view amongst us all. Even though the college year has just begun, we can all look forward to what lies ahead as the year continues.